Workforce Engagement

Helping manufacturers in the Carolinas prosper and grow:

  • Increase performance in the value streams by engaging your workforce 
  • Create a culture whereby support groups see themselves as an extension of the value stream
  • Clearly connect Purpose, Passion , and Success for all associates in your business

Creating a passion for performance:

  • Success is the only true motivator
  • Passion is infectious
  • Your associates are your business’s only unique differentiator

How people are led determines whether they become engaged…. 

Extended Value Stream Mindset:

Intrinsic Alignment of Organization towards the Value streams

  • Each support group feels their connection to the value stream

  • Business targets drive value stream orientation

  • Goals are aligned at the highest levels  

The organization chart does not control how we work together….

Purpose > Passion > Success:

This pillar of leadership summarizes the fundamental drives in all of us 

  • Each leader in an organization must strive for this fundamental approach in leadership

  • Organizations must actively remove legacy leadership practices that jeopardize this approach

  • Intrinsically motivated associates will achieve their highest potential

  • Your high performers will be reluctant to leave your team

Skilled leaders are at their best when things are at their worst….

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