Value Stream Performance

Helping manufacturers in the Carolinas prosper and grow:

  • Improve OEE of your overall value stream (dock-to-dock OEE)
  • Support launch of new equipment and new processes
  • Reduce costs throughout the value stream

OEE Improvement:

Understand the root causes of poor OEE in your value stream
It starts with collecting data from all OEE drivers in your value stream

  • Material Planning (lot formation, lot size, sequencing, forecasting, …)
  • Material Delivery to the Value Stream (kitted, bulk, empty packaging removal,…)
  • Changeover of Value Stream (standardization of changeover, support for changeover)
  • Throughput Time (cycle time, lot size, transport time, indirect work,…)

Identify top OEE losses……

Production Launch Support:

New Design, New Suppliers, New Equipment, New Team >

Everything is new!

  • Resources approved for new production launch typically do not cover the extraordinary workload in a plant during start-up, ramp-up
  • In ramp-up, the full variation in your design, supply chain, and processes are seen for the first time. Resulting issues can quickly overwhelm your resources…
  • Teams have not yet reached mature levels of trust and collaboration. The stress from launch can drive silo-thinking, low accountability, interpersonal issues, lack of transparency.

Cost Reduction:

To remain competitive, all manufacturers must incorporate a sustained cost reduction strategy. 
Typically many organizations depend on special, one-time efforts (campaigns) to lower their costs. 
As these fall outside the core organizational structure, they often fail, deliver unsustainable results or
simply shift the costs to another part of the balance sheet.






Lead Time

Product Design

Process Design

Mfg Strategy

Market Share

Product Roadmap

Let us help you define your integrated approach to sustained cost reduction………

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