Leadership Team Development

Helping manufacturers in the Carolinas prosper and grow:

  • Creating a high performance culture
  • Overcoming cultural and interpersonal barriers in your organization
  • Developing and sustaining trust at all levels in the organization
  • Defining and leading the top priorities for the organization

TAP Model

Trust > Alignment > Performance

Operations is the most measured part of any organization

Trust :

The essential foundational element in all high performance organizations

Most leaders skip this step and assume that a trusting work environment exists and/or is supplanted by organizational command and control. Without trust it is nearly impossible to achieve a high performance culture.

Alignment :

Due to resource constraints, there must be a transparent process to align priorities

Majority of an organization’s resources are fully loaded only to support the daily business. A transparent process to achieve alignment of priorities on key initiatives is therefore absolutely essential.

Performance :

“All In” mindset across organization to achieve agreed performance targets

When trust and alignment of priorities are established, everyone in the organization must commit to measuring and driving actions to meet targets.   The results are seen as everyone’s performance. There can be no Win/Lose opportunities inside one organization.

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